From Idea to Scaleup

When you’re just starting out, getting the financial aspect of things together is not always easy. We realize that accessing funds can pose a significant challenge to innovators and entrepreneurs. ZICER provides evolving well-rounded support.
Here’s what we can do for you:    


For over 20 years, the City of Zagreb has been supporting innovators and their commercial innovations through its Innovation Support Program . ZICER Plavi ured provides advisory services and helps with preparing documentation and informing the applicants about the annual Call’s terms and conditions.

Internatio —nalization

We bring our startups to prominent international fairs and summits with us. There, they get a share of ZICER’s exhibition space and access to relevant business contacts. They cover their own travel costs.

Startup Factory

Since 2016, the City of Zagreb has awarded more than HRK 3.5 million to the winners of the Startup Factory acceleration program. Each year, the top startups receive financial support and use it to further develop their innovative solutions and enter the market. Startup Factory takes no equity or fees.

Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept (PoC)  is an entrepreneurship program supporting innovation in early, pre-commercial stages. It helps with product development and reduces the investment risks that might come up at a later stage. The program is run by HAMAG BICRO while PoC Recognized Centers, including ZICER Plavi ured, participate in its implementation.


CE-Connector is an EU-funded project that connects startups with investors, business angels and other available sources of funding. Together with our project partners from Germany, Poland, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary and the Czech Republic, we’re building a financial ecosystem that will help startups execute their ideas.