Knowledge is power and opens the door to market success. By encouraging the constant improvement of your employees’ abilities, companies, especially startups, gain competitive advantage and increase their chances of creating exactly the product that meets the needs and requirements of the target market.

A study was carried out in order to improve the competence of the TPZ tenants. Based on the expressed interests, we defined the areas that will be covered through our lectures. The education plan for March and the first half of April is finalised. We continue to call on all TPZ tenants to express their interest in the topics they deem important to their business areas in order to provide them with top-level lecturers who have a formal knowledge and practical experience.

During the above-mentioned period, lectures will be held on the following topics:

  • Leadership of small businesses
  • Business negotiation strategies and tactics
  • How to prepare a good pitch
  • English for business communications
  • Creating a marketing plan
  • Marketing communication
  • Sales success formula
  • Product branding and positioning on the market
  • How to sell a service
  • Development of project proposal and project application for EU funds
  • GDPR-How to prepare for the new personal data protection regulation


Besides the experts from the Development Agency Zagreb, lectures will be held by well-known specialists in specific areas. More info about the lecturers is available on the links connected with each lecture.

See the timetable of lectures here.

To sign up for the lectures, first you have to register on the Plavi ured website. Here you can find detailed instructions on how to apply for the lectures.