Support programs

Support programs and measures offered at the Zagreb Development Agency (RAZA) target different categories of entrepreneurs – innovators, novices in the phase of growth and development, and craftsmen. Programs and measures actively carried out:

Startup Factory Zagreb

In 2016, Startup Factory Zagreb, a pre-acceleration NO EQUITY program, was launched. It is the first publicly funded program of this type in the City of Zagreb and beyond. Learn more about how we can assist you on your way to sustainable business, growth, and development.

Support to the City of Zagreb Innovators

Program of allocating non-refundable grants to Zagreb innovators aims to facilitate and speed up the innovations’ penetration into the market.

Lokalno Partnerstvo za zapošljavanje Grada Zagreba (LPZ)

Lokalno partnerstvo za zapošljavanje Grada Zagreba osnovano je kao novi model za uspješniju međusektorsku koordinaciju u pripremi i donošenju politika vezanih uz stvaranje i jačanje ljudskih potencijala u skladu s potrebama na tržištu rada.

Support programs

Microsoft BizSpark project

Microsoft BizSpark program helps IT-oriented start-up companies

HP Demo Lab

HP Demo Lab offers technological support for the development, demonstration or the testing of IT solutions or other solutions which are supported by IT technologies, as well as their demonstration to potential users, investors, buyers or for internal needs.