KOLEGIO d.o.o.

Mislav Odak
+385 98 137 9531

Kolegio.hr is a web portal that enables students to shop at discounted prices in established retail stores within the Croatian retail sector.

Along with the kolegio iD (iOS and Android) mobile app for identication of students at the point of sale, it represents the most effective platform for connecting well-known retail brands with the student population in Croatia.

The aim of the project is to expand and improve the student discount offer in Croatia, and bring together students and businesses in one system that on one end enables students to save their budget, and on the other serves companies as an effective tool for communicating to the student population.

Kolegio.hr is the first web portal in Croatia that enables students to redeem discounts in web stores through unique codes, as well as in sales outlets using digital student IDs.

Given that we are focused on the variety and attractiveness of our offer, as well as cooperation with well-known companies and popular brands, we are confident in the long-term success of the portal.