1. What is the pre-incubation process?

Pre-incubation is a process in which development teams receive support from TPZ in order to realise their business ideas and turn them into a sustainable entrepreneurial venture. It is the time needed for the development of an entrepreneurial idea and the preparation and establishment of a business entity.

2. What is the incubation process?

Incubation is a dynamic process of the entrepreneur’s growth and development. It is the time period from the entrepreneur’s admittance into TPZ over their growth and development up to a stable business venture (post-incubation). During this process, an entrepreneur has the right to a professional counseling and assistance, education, and also to a subsidisation of their business expenses while staying with TPZ.

3. What does it mean to be an associate member of Technology Park Zagreb?

Associate members are individuals or entrepreneurs who are actively involved in encouraging and promoting innovative entrepreneurship and are an important part of the ecosystem. They have the option of renting (i) a work desk in a common office (in accordance with the coworking conditions) or (ii) their own office (in accordance with the commercial terms).

4. What does it mean to be an external member of the Zagreb Technological Park?

External members are the entrepreneurs who meet the eligibility criteria specified by the Regulations. We call them virtual incubation users. Although they do not have the need to use office space (office or coworking), external members have the right to a technical, organizational, and advisory support of TPZ while also gaining access to innovative infrastructure (sophisticated equipment at the TPZ's technology centers).

5. What is the first step to enter the Technological Park of Zagreb?

All potential candidates are required to fill in the TPZ Application form available on the TPZ's website. The candidates should then submit the completed Form with all relevant documentation to the e-mail address tehnopark@raza.hr.

6. What administrative criteria do I have to satisfy for entering pre-incubation?

To enter pre-incubation, a candidate has to be a natural person who:

  • Does not have a registered business entity
  • Does not have any shares in other business entities

7. What administrative criteria do I have to satisfy to enter post-incubation?

To enter post-incubation, a candidate has to be a business entity that meets the following criteria:

  • Has its headquarters in the City of Zagreb or a registered subsidiary of the company in the City of Zagreb intended for research or development
  • The majority stake in the company (51% or more) is owned by natural persons, citizens of the Republic of Croatia, a business entity with headquarters in the Republic of Croatia, or a business entity with headquarters within the EU that is at least 51% owned by a Croatian citizen
  • Is proactively engaged in stimulating and promoting innovative entrepreneurship
  • Has at least one employee

8. What administrative criteria do I have to satisfy to become an associate member?

To become an associated member, a candidate has to be a business entity that:

  • Has headquarters of their company, society, organization, or other forms of association in the City of Zagreb which has been proven to stimulate and promote innovative entrepreneurship

9. What administrative criteria do I have to satisfy to become an external member?

To become an external member, a candidate may be any natural person or a business entity that:

  • Has been proven to stimulate and promote innovative entrepreneurship

10. What kind of infrastructural support do we get by entering TPZ?

Infrastructural support includes:

  • Office space or coworking – open space
  • Technology centers – prototype workshops equipped with sophisticated equipment
  • Presentation halls and meeting rooms
  • A communal area for relaxation and socializing – kitchen, dining room, and children’s play area

11. Do the Technology Park tenants cover the expenses?

Development Agency Zagreb (RAZA) covers all costs of communal fees, physical and technical security and maintenance of the facility, waste management, common rooms cleaning, water and drainage costs, electricity and heating costs, and common rooms investment maintenance costs.

12. At what locations does RAZA provide the services of Technology Park Zagreb?

Technology Park Zagreb provides services in three locations in Zagreb:

  1. location – Dragutina Golika 63
  2. location – Slavonska avenija 52 m, Goods terminal Žitnjak, business object no. 9
  3. location – Avenija Dubrovnik 15, Zagreb Fair, pavilion 12, 1st floor

13. How much does a coworking space cost?

The cost of coworking space depends on the length of your stay in Technology Park.

Daily pass → 50 kn

Weekly pass → 200 kn

Monthly pass → 600 Kn

14. What are the obligations of the Technology Park Zagreb tenants?

Each member of TPZ is contractually bound to:

  • Fill in the Business potential analysis form every year
  • At all times provide TPZ with insight into all financial, status, and any other additional documentation for the purpose of verifying the authenticity of the given data and for the purpose of meeting the regulations on the transparency of data related to state aid de minimis
  • An explicit consent to TPZ collecting, processing, and using data from the Entrepreneurial potential analysis and for the purpose of entrepreneurial activities
  • To participate in media monitoring activities of the Development Agency Zagreb – TPZ d.o.o. (access to business facilities, interview, recording, etc.)
  • Position in a visible place, website, and all other promotional materials: „U okviru programa Tehnološkog parka Razvojne agencije Zagreb korisnik potpore Grada Zagreba“
  • Emphasize they are the beneficiary of the Development Agency Zagreb - TPZ d.o.o. services in any media occasion or public performance