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Are you planning to embark on an entrepreneurial journey and develop an innovative idea or product? Do you want to start a business with a good export potential? You went over FAQ and only need our support?

We are waiting for you in Technology Park!

Technology Park Zagreb (TPZ) supports innovative ideas and development teams in their entrepreneurial beginnings. Through provided workspace, education, business consulting and networking, development teams in TPZ receive free support in order to turn their business ideas into an entrepreneurial venture. TPZ also assists innovative entrepreneurs in the early development stages of new products and services.

If you are interested in our services, you may apply for membership in Technology Park through one of the programs:

  • Pre-incubation
  • Incubation
  • Virtual incubation

Candidates that apply for the use of our space and services through Pre-incubation or Incubation program have to fill in the application form.

Development stages in TPZ

A specific period of time is required for the development of an entrepreneurial idea and the preparation and establishment of a business entity.



Pre-incubation is a specific period of time required for the development of an entrepreneurial idea, preparation and setting up of a business entity.  Candidates for the pre-incubation are natural persons with no registered business entity.  The use of pre-incubation services is free of charge and it can last no more than 6 months.  
The development team that sets up a company after the pre-incubation process can start with the incubation process in TPZ. 



Incubation is a dynamic process of growth and development of innovative entrepreneurs, which is systematically monitored and guided by TPZ’s expert mentors.  In the company’s early stage immediately after its foundation until the sustainable and stabile operation on the market, a new member of the Technology Park goes through the stages of preparing for entrepreneurship. Incubation process of companies in the Technology Park Zagreb takes an average of 3 years.   



Post-incubation is a period in which a company is strengthened and sustainable on the market by its core activities, but it continues to invest in the development of new innovative products and services. Members in the post-incubation form a network of experienced professionals, mentors of the members in Incubation.

After the post-incubation process, the companies interested in continuation of their development and established cooperation with the companies from TPZ and at the same time the use of our services, get a direct possibly of TPZ membership through the Virtual Incubation Program. 

Virtual incubation

Virtual incubation is the process of an entrepreneur’s growth and development. An entrepreneur in the Virtual Incubation process is entitled to use all infrastructural, technical, organizational and consulting support by TPZ, except the use of business premises. Entrepreneurs that enter the process of Virtual Incubation need to meet the eligibility criteria for the membership in TPZ, and by paying the fee of HRK 600 a year they get the following services:

  • Possibility of using the meeting rooms and seminar and workshop rooms
  • Presentation equipment and other technical and organizational support and benefits enjoyed by the companies using the premises in TPZ.
  • Possibility to register your company at the address of the Technology Park Zagreb (Dragutina Golika 63),
  • WEB space and inclusion in the brochures and promotional materials,
  • Receiving the Newsletter and other electronic notifications about seminars, educations and events in TPZ

The users of virtual incubation take precedence when applying for events organized by RAZA or TPZ, presentations, educations and international conferences over all other external events participants.

Membership criteria

You can achieve the support for your business ventures through one of our programs if you meet the following criteria.

Administrative criteria

Pre-incubation candidates can only be natural persons who:

  • Do not have a registered business entity

  • Do not have any shares in other business entities

Incubation candidates are business entities that meet the following criteria:

  • Have their headquarters in Zagreb

  • Natural persons own the majority stake in the company (51% or more)

  • Have a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 10 employees

Team quality

  • Candidates have qualified staff at their disposal.
  • Team leaders (for pre-incubation candidates) or company managers (for incubation candidates) have adequate coordination skills with a pronounced enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and their previous experience proves their ability to manage projects.

Criteria for assessing the technological innovation

The candidate needs to be involved in the field of high technology, electronics, information and communication technologies (ICT), energetics, green technology and sustainable development.

Projects/solutions/products the candidate develops need to represent technological improvements and advances in comparison to other known solutions.

In order to start the incubation process, a candidate should have:

  • Growth and development potential

  • Export potential

  • New employment potential

Criteria for assessing the market potential

In order to start the incubation process, a candidate should have:

  • Growth and development potential

  • Export potential

  • New employment potential

You are not sure if you are eligible?

Check out FAQ or schedule a meeting and let the team at Technology Park assess whether you meet the listed criteria.