Tamara Didak

Project manager

Assignments in ZICER

As the manager of the Technology Park, she creates and implements the programmes of incubation and pre-incubation, while in the facility of the Agency’s financial manager, she is in charge of planning, financing and implementation of all projects led by the Agency. Assists entrepreneurs in the field of planning and financing business ideas via seminars, workshop and individual counselling.

Even after ten years of working closely with them, to her the success of every individual entrepreneur presents the ultimate business goal. She is actively involved in incubation processes (over twenty entrepreneurs to date). She assists entrepreneurs through professional workshops and individual counselling sessions (so far she has held over 50 workshops and several hundred counselling sessions).

She instructs her attendees on how to interpret financial reports, which, as she likes to point out, can sometimes be quite telling, just like picture books. 

Career overview

She is professionally focused on creative accounting, financing models for development projects, while most of her energy and time is spent on continuously keeping track with tax and legislative regulation. She promotes the entrepreneurial culture and creation of small oases in which entrepreneurs would have a safe surrounding for unhindered growth and development.

Hobbies and spare time

Extreme sport: driving two small children around for their various sporting activities.

Yet, rare free moments are spent on family field trips and enjoying all the beauties of our homeland, not forgetting the local cuisine. 

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