Radoslav Barišić

Assistant CEO

Assignments in ZICER

Radoslav is an assistant director with a focus on strategic development and corporate governance in the organization. He cooperates with state bodies and institutions, representatives of local self-government, international entities, partner institutions and other legal entities. He participates in initiatives and activities aimed at encouraging and developing entrepreneurship and enhancing competitiveness.

Career overview

He was developing his career first in the energy business in the Oil Industry Zagreb Plc, and then in the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds where he led and coordinated a large number of strategic and development projects.
He has many years of experience in various positions, and his areas of interest are strategic planning, project management, competitiveness and fostering of innovative entrepreneurship.
He graduated with a Bachelor degree in Finance from the Faculty of Economics in Split, then completed an MBA (Business Management) from the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb and finally a PhD from the Faculty of Economics in Split.

Hobbies and spare time

He loves to spend his free time on his family and closest friends. He likes to swim, dive (with and without a speargun) and everything related to the sea, and he best relaxes in his little paradise in the Trogir archipelago. He loves to hang out and sing, even though his hearing is not his strong point.

Contact information