Milica Projić

Project manager

Assignments in ZICER

  • drafts and implements projects
  • assists/ advises entrepreneurs regarding project applications
  • informs/ educates entrepreneurs on project cycle management and SME financing projects
  • assists SMEs in drafting technical documentation for public procurement
  • participates in developmental projects for the City of Zagreb

Career overview

As project manager (of projects mostly financed through EU or Croatian biddings), she relies on ten years of hands-on experience in preparing and implementing over 50 projects directed at entrepreneurship (business incubators), financial education and debt management, microcredit, process of creating public policies and fiscal decentralization. She is qualified and educated in the field of financial management and entrepreneurship, but is professionally focused on project management (at first in the civil sector and in the last year in the public sectors as well through her work in the Development Agency).

Currently she is studying for a PhD on the topic of “Financing small and medium entrepreneurship in different life cycle stages”. 

Hobbies and spare time

Loves travelling, hiking (over 2000 m) and cycling. Plans to visit Morocco and Prague.

Contact information