Marko Helfrih

Assistant CEO

Assignments in ZICER

As an Assistant CEO, Marko is in charge of strategic and operational planning, coordinating the preparation of annual business plans and monitoring the realization of planned goals and activities. He is also responsible for coordinating the preparation and implementation of EU-funded projects. In addition, Marko regularly advises entrepreneurs on EU-funding related topics, and provides training on the preparation and implementation of projects and project management.

Career overview

He holds a degree in Criminal Justice and is a City Management university specialist with over 16 years of work experience. Before joining ZICER, he worked at the Office for European Integration and EU Funds at the Mayor’s Office of the City of Zagreb and the Office for EU Programs and Projects of the City of Zagreb where he worked as a Head of the Project Preparation and Implementation Department.

During his career, he participated in the preparation and implementation of over 50 projects co-financed by various EU programs and funds (OP Competitiveness and Cohesion, OP Effective Human Resources, HORIZON, INTERREG, and Europe for Citizens).

Hobbies and spare time

Marko enjoys sports, spending time in nature, and tracking the real estate market trends.  

Contact information