Marina Grgić Eldić

Project manager

Assignments in ZICER

  • Legal counselling of entrepreneurs in the Technology Park, other entrepreneurs and those on the path of becoming entrepreneurs
  • Educating entrepreneurs in the fields of commercial, labor and statutory law
  • Counselling and educating entrepreneurs regarding financing entrepreneurial and other projects from national and EU funds
  • Assisting entrepreneurs in applying for non-refundable means from national and EU funds
  • Drafting and conducting projects in which Agency is one of the stakeholders
  • Cooperating with the City of Zagreb, various ministries, other public administration bodies, NGOs and the rest of stakeholders regarding EU projects, as well as coordinating different activities
  • General legal and administrative activities in the Agency

Career overview

She first got introduced to the challenges of EU projects during her time as an assistant on CARDS and INTERREG projects. After graduation, she started to seriously dig into various legal affairs while working in a lawyers’ office. Throughout the last five years, she has been dedicated to consulting and educating SMEs, as well as working on EU projects. Each of the listed jobs included direct contact with people, the pleasure of whom presents a constant incentive for her ever increasing efforts.

She has held some interesting job positions, of which the following should be mentioned: drafting quiz questions and working as an automated phone secretary.

Hobbies and spare time

During daytime she loves skiing, hiking and all other activities preferred by young people brought up along the coast.

At nighttimes she loves smoky catering facilities and rock’n’roll.

Contact information