Lena Čičak

Educational and Advisory Programs Specialist

Lena Čičak

Assignments in ZICER

At ZICER Plavi ured, Lena is responsible for organizing educational sessions and bringing in top educators and educational programs. She provides educational and consulting services to entrepreneurs in regard to setting up and running specific types of craft enterprises, as well as internationalizing their businesses.  

Career overview

After obtaining her degree in Economics, she worked for a courier company where she managed internationalization related affairs as well as human resources. In parallel, Lena ran a small family business and is a certified freight forwarder. She has worked extensively with exporters assisting them with international placement of goods and services. 

Hobbies and spare time

As a mother of three, Lena seems to have no time for hobbies. Once she drops her kids off to their various activities, she's happy to have coffee with her friends. She finds comfort in knowing that her kids will grow up soon. 

Contact information