Anita Brajković Skoko

Expert Consultant

Assignments in ZICER

Anita holds a role of an Expert Consultant. She coordinates occupational safety at ZICER, heads the Technical Secretariat of the Local Partnership for Employment of the City of Zagreb, serves as a professional orientation trainer for the youth, and is a mentor and lecturer for the EDUBIZ project.

Career overview

During her nineteen-year career at ZICER, Anita worked as a business consultant and educator for entrepreneurs and veterans, an expert advisor for marketing and educational affairs, business education teacher and organizer, and Croatian and EU project implementer. She organized 480 seminars and lectures for 9600 participants, is a HAMAG-BICRO mentor (as part of the Student Entrepreneurial Incubator Network project), e-Business Coach, and co-author of a booklet created for entrepreneurs called Preparing IT Experts for Entrepreneurship.  Anita is a graduate of the London School of Public Relations and practices lifelong professional learning.

Hobbies and spare time

Reading, travel, dance, photography, and corporate styling. She especially enjoys visiting museums in Croatia and abroad. 

Contact information