Aleksandar Grozdanić

Project manager

Assignments in ZICER

Business consulting, entrepreneurial training and participation in current support programmes to entrepreneurs on the city and national levels. Maintained ISO 9001 Quality Management System for many years.

Organizes and conducts educational programmes intended for entrepreneurs in the early stages of development, and has cooperated with numerous Zagreb innovators on providing financial means for the commercialization of their inventions in the facility of individual counsellor.

  • Facilitates financial support for competitors in BICRO PoC programme (the financing of almost 100 projects led through the ZICER has been approved, total value of almost 12,5 million kunas)
  • Facilitates financial support for competitors in City of Zagreb´s programme for Innovation commercialization
  • Facilitates financial support for competitors in City of Zagreb´s programme for self-employment
  • Participates in drafting business plans and studies (over 100 projects so far)

Career overview

After graduating from the study of Geology at the Faculty of Science and Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering with the University of Zagreb, he has held several jobs, both in the country and abroad, of which one of the most interesting was: non-damaging testing of reactor vessels throughout the world.

During the fifteen years in the Technology Park and the Agency, he is constantly undergoing professional specializations and trainings, thus acquiring new knowledge, which is proven by an enviable number of certificates and diplomas. 

Hobbies and spare time

Books, music, films and wine tasting – not necessarily in that order – bring him joy in his free time.

Contact information